Thursday, July 19, 2012

Week 9 Time!

Week 8 was my recovery week. And during week 8 I only got one workout in. I did KenpoX one night. I was out of town for much of the week, and I did do a ton of swimming, so I was still active.

Still week 9 started last week. Chest and Back. It was great to get back to resistance training. Tonight is Plyometrics. My goal with Plyo tonight is to stay with the DVD.

I made that my goal for my last go around with Kenpo X. And not only did I stay ahead of the DVD, but on a lot of the movies I did one or two reps extra. I also did all of the moves during the breaks. Running in place, jump rope, jumping jacks, and X jumps. It felt great to finally be able to do that.

Ab Ripper X. Sigh. Didn't get to that last night. It was late when I finished Chest and Back so I decided to do my post-workout recovery drink and supplement routine and hit the hay. Tomorrow night I will be doing ARX after my resistance routine, no questions asked.

ARX continues to be the one area of P90X that I am deficient in. I feel like I've made progress, but not nearly the progress I've made in the other workout routines.

Also started Phase III, Level II nutrition last night. Supposed to go fewer protein servings, more fruit and carb servings. I am doing the more fruit and carbs, but I am also keeping my protein intake at Phase II levels. I need the extra protein with my ectomorphic build.


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