Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One Month In: RESULTS

It will be one month tomorrow since I started P90X. The last 27 days have been a whirlwind. From being really sore and not finishing workouts, to feeling pumped and ready to go, P90X has been a lot of fun, a lot of work, and definitely something I would recommend.

The warnings are all over P90X: don't do these routine unless you are fit enough. They give you a fitness test before you begin. I was able to pass all of them, except one: pull-ups. I was shocked to find I couldn't do a single pull-up! That was my #1 exercise in my late-teens, early 20s. I would use the beams in the basement to do pull-ups.

The first workout of the program was called Chest and Back. Lots of different style push-ups and pull-ups, with a few other exercises thrown in. I started out doing all exercises with 10 lbs dumbbells, but quickly realized that those were too light for many of the exercises. I ended up with 16 pound dumbbells. Perfect for some, too light for others, and too heavy for some other exercises. I also have resistance bands, and the over-the-door pull-up bar.

I crashed out that first night. The exercises are hard. For pull-ups you use a chair until you build up the strength to do them without leg help. But it was the pace that got me that first workout. I made it through 1/2-3/4, and ended up light-headed, nauseous, and had to just take it easy.

The next night was Plyometrics. WOW. That workout is killer. I made it through 1/2 of it and was just spent.

I then went through Arms and Shoulders without issue. Then came KenpoX. LOVE THAT WORKOUT. A lot like Taebo, the hour flew by as you try to master the moves, especially the combination moves. I was feeling great following that workout.

On Saturday came YogaX. UGH. I've never been a fan of yoga. YogaX didn't change my mind. I have since replaced YogaX with StretchX in my routine. Tony Horton (the creator of P90X) would probably yell at me for that. I don't care, yoga just isn't for me.

Sunday night was Legs and Back. I powered through that workout, which is intense.

I skipped the rest night, and went right back into Chest and Back to start week 2. I powered through this time, with no issues. I then did Plyometrics, and made it 3/4 of the way this time. That workout is killer.

I rested the next night then did Arms and Shoulders, KenpoX, and StretchX. Coming to Legs and Back again on Sunday night. This time I made it 3/4 of the way and had to bow out. The feeling that I might crash was there and I decided against taking any chances. You have to listen to your body.

I went right into Chest and Back the next night. Finishing without issue. Then took a rest night due to schedule (daughter's softball game). The next night I dove into Plyometrics and this time finished strong! And even did the bonus time moves at the end! Great workout. I can't wait for Plyometrics again in Phase II.

I finished week three with Arms and Shoulders, KenpoX, Stretch X and Legs and Back all without issue this time.

Week 4 was a rest week. A couple days of a routine called Core Synergistics (great workout by the way) a Yoga night. Stetch X a couple nights. And one night of KenpoX (YES!). I did Core, Stretch and Kenpo, took the weekend off. And last night did Core again.

So the results?

First let me mention Ab Ripper X. Supposed to do that 16 minute ab routine after each lifting routine (Chest and Back, Arms and Shoulders, Legs and Back). I did it about 4-5 times through first month. Most nights after the lifting I was done. I was just too spent. Ab Ripper X is extreme ab moves. The first time I tried it I could hardly do any reps on any of the routines. As the month went on I got better. I've decided that ARX will be a must do on the schedule from here on out. No excuses.

Second, on each routine my performance got better throughout the month. More reps, better form, less fatigue. Etc. I can't wait to see what month 2 brings.

Third, I am starting to see results even after only 4 weeks! I'm down about 10 lbs even thought that wasn't my goal. I have more definition. I am stronger (I can even do at least one pull-up now!) and my endurance is better.

On diet, I have followed the P90X Phase I Level II diet to a tee throughout the program. If anything I've not eaten enough! About 2 weeks in I started really losing my appetite. I've had to force myself to eat most of the time. The diet changes a bit for phase II, we'll see if that rekindles my want for food.

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