Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back in the game, sort of.

I am happy to report that I am back to doing some lifting, mostly lower-weight, high-rep dumbbell exercises. I am trying to incorporate more of an overall fitness program. I am still a big, big fan of Stonglifts and really agree with a lot of what Mehdi preaches. Chiefly being that you can only get stronger by doing heavy lifting. Let me give you an example. A few years ago I started using my cousin's workout center in his basement as a measuring stick for my strength. At first I could barely do one rep on the bench chair with all but two plates on the stack. I started doing dumbbell lifting, mostly upper body only. Over the course of a year of doing that I was able to do multiple reps at the same "all but 2 plates" stack, and a couple of reps with all but one plate on the stack. Then last year I did Stronglifts 5x5 from March until September (when my schedule began to change). Last fall at my cousin's house I was able to complete a single rep with all the plates stacked! And multiple reps with all but one plate. That is the power of SL 5x5. You will get stronger. It is not the program to lose weight on, or to build stamina for running or playing basketball. It isn't even the program to bulk up with. But you will get stronger. I lift more now, even after stopping SL 5x5, than ever before. My goal is to have a workout room in my garage. I am going to build a garage in the next few months and I am going to get a power rack put in there. Then I can go do SL 5x5 at home and won't be as beholden to schedules. I will update this blog on my progress.

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