Friday, March 2, 2012

UPDATE: Schedule Changes And Bad Knees

I have noticed that this blog continues to get hits even though I haven't posted to it in months. Some of you may be wondering what happened. After all, with the gains I was seeing why would I stop?

Well the answer is that I wouldn't stop, except I was forced to. First, I had a trip in August so I continued the program up until that trip.

When I came back from the trip some changes at work forced me to alter my schedule, affecting my workout plan. The result was that several weeks went by before I was ready to get back into the gym.

When I decided it was time to return, I started doing some exercises at home. I have always had bad knees. Over the years I've had various twists and sprains and hyper extensions playing all manner of pickup sports. Well when I started doing squats with no weights just to ease back in, my knees began screaming.

Note, while doing Strong Lifts my knees were fine as long as I really watched my form and made sure I wasn't stressing the knees. I have been trying to do knee strengthening exercises because now I am a bit gun shy to get back into doing heavy squats again.

So stay tuned, I do plan on getting back to this program. I am going to invest in some good knee sleeves first but I've never found a program that made this much sense. Logically, this is the best program going and this is the program to use if you want to build real strength.

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