Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Week 21 Workout 1

So last week I didn't get workout #3 in. We had a friend's wedding Friday afternoon, and I went to an archery tournament on Saturday. So that's two weeks in a row I only got two workouts in. And this will be the third week as I leave for a big archery tournament in upstate New York tomorrow. I will do workout #2 tomorrow morning.

So to last night's workout. Not a great one. 240 lb squats, 135 lb bench presses, and 155 lb barbell rows.

On squats, the weight felt really heavy, but I was able to complete the first set. Second set I failed on rep #3. I then completed the last 3 reps. 5,2,5,5,5. Disappointing. I was hoping to blow through to 275 without any more stalls. I still did a 290 lb walkout after the 5th set.

Bench press. I went 4,4,3,3,2. Just didn't feel it right from the get go. Disappointing and I have a feeling that I will be deloading after two more attempts and going to 3x5 on this lift.

Barbell rows, I went 3, 5, 5, 5, 3. The middle 5s were probably more like 4s as my form was terrible on the last rep of each set. The two 3s were because I could tell my form was breaking down and I stopped the set.

Bottomline, I will be at these same weights next time on each lift. I am most concerned with the rows as the 155 lbs felt really heavy. I think I'll progress on squats, but the bench press is also up in the air.

My weigh in on Saturday was 182 lbs with 15.9% body fat. I was unable to stick to my nutrition plan all day Saturday, and only partially Thursday and Friday due to the wedding events. I weigned myself this morning and was at 183 lbs with 15.5% body fat. Since it was a morning weigh in you can add 2 pounds to that. Overall I like the way I have regulated as I felt I had put on too much fat previously.

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