Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week 20 Workout #2

235 lb squats, 95 lb overhead press, and 250 lb deadlifts.

Again, as with last week's midweek workout, I felt a little tighter and stiffer last night. I did the first two work reps. Then on the 3rd I went below parallel on the first rep and couldn't save it. I came close, but just couldn't push up. But I reracked and finished the last 3 sets. So I didn't count that as failure. So I completed 5x5.

Also, the guy I talked to a couple weeks ago about squatting was there. He watched my form and gave me some pointers. He also encouraged me by saying it takes a long time to get the flexibility to do them perfect. I am going to try to get some off day practice in with a broomstick to see if I can't improve my form.

Overhead press was no problem at 95 lbs, 3x5.

Deadlifting. So I did my 1x5 135 lb warm-up. Then loaded 225 lbs like last time. I did one at rep at that weight. My hip felt pretty good. A little pain but nothing major. So I put 250 lbs on the bar. Watched the Tigers hold on to beat the Rangers on the TV above me, then managed to complete 5x5! Again, I was in my socked feet. I am considering going shoeless for squats too. We'll see.

So overall a good workout. I will do the final week 20 workout this Saturday (friend's wedding is Friday). Can't wait to attempt 135 lb bench press!

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