Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week 19 Midweek Workout

Last night I just wasn't feeling right. During my warm-ups for squats I felt stiff and tight and like I didn't have my usual range of motion. I warmed up and went into my work sets, 230 lbs. First set, last rep, I paused like I sometimes do and just couldn't hang on. I reracked the bar and finished the other 4 sets. The last set felt easier than the first couple! So I will be staying at 230 lbs for Friday's workout.

Overhead presses went well as expected, deloaded to 90 lbs and switched to 3x5. I am hoping 3x5 means I will progress up over 120 lbs on this lift.

Deadlifts. So I warmed up at 135 lbs. 1x5 no problem. I then loaded 225 on the bar. I was going to do a 1x3 before loading up to 250 lbs. That's when I knew I had a problem. My left hip joint was screaming trying to do 225. I completed one rep and called it a night. It just wasn't happening. Left hip still bothering me. I will keep an eye on it and determine what to do about tomorrow's workout. I can't imagine doing squats if my hip is hurting like this. It isn't sore, it is very tender and there is a sharp pain if I make certain movements.

Overall disappointing. I guess all lifters deal with an injury now and then, but into my 19th week of lifting I was hoping I was out of the woods.


  1. Tough luck on your hip, hopefully it won't impede you too much.

    3rd week of Stronglifts almost down now. I've made some good gains already. However I like you and your hip, think I may have done something to my left shoulder with the Overhead Press. I left the bar and my arms travel behind the plane of my body the last time, and apparently the shoulder is very weak and thus prone to injury in this position.

    I had a bit of mild pain, but it's largely subsided now. I spoke to my sister who's an osteopath and she reckons my bicep tendon may have been dislodged slightly, which according to her is absolutely nothing to worry about.

    The good news however, is that I did the overhead press this morning at the same weight as last time, rather than going up 2.5kg (~5lb) with no issue. So I too, am hoping I'm out of the woods.

  2. Mark, thanks for reading. Shoulder pain after the OHP is just part of the game. Make sure you are following a good before and after protein regime and your recovery from that sort of thing shouldn't be an issue. Oh, and get plenty of sleep, and try to rest your shoulders completely between workouts.