Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 18, Workout 1

What happened to week 17's 3rd workout? Skipped. Due to some commitments I couldn't make it to the gym. This week I also have some scheduling issues, so I am working out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

So tonight was 215 lb squats, 105 lb overhead presses, and 230 lb deadlifts.

215 lb squats. After a deload at this weight, then a stall last time, I was feeling confident. And I completed the 5x5 without much of a struggle. I was never in danger of not completing it. So next 220 lbs. I am hoping that the strength I have gained will shoot me right past these next several weights.

Overhead press. After not coming close last time at 105 lbs, I was not confident. But my goal was to complete at least the first three sets. That way if I have to switch to 3x5 on this lift (and I will if I can't complete 5x5 on Saturday), then I can at least continue to progress. I went 5-5-5-4-1. So that is a good sign! I will obviously try to complete the 5x5 on Saturday, but if not this will be the first lift I switch to 3x5 on.

230 lb deadlift. The deadlifting has been kicking my butt lately. And even though I've been at this weight before I was a little worried. But I powered through it without too much effort. It was tough, for sure, but I completed it with good form. Now on to 240lb, where I stalled before, all be it, prematurely.

Nutritionally I have been doing well. Maybe a bit too well. I am not happy with the amount of fat I have gained, so I am going to back to skim milk. And I am going to cut my calories a bit. Though I am still going to do high protein.

I'll check in after Thursday's workout.


  1. What is it with our waist lines and stronglifts? My belly keeps storing fat despite the amount of activity I do and impeccable eating...

    I don't think I serve as an encouragement for women who want to lose weight... But I am strong and conditioned. Still fitting into same size pant, but barely....

  2. Denise, thanks for the comment!

    I think my problem was whole milk. I got impatient with the muscle gains I was making so I switched from skim to whole milk. I have since switched back to skim milk, we'll see how it goes.

    One of the things that squats do is really increase the size of your stomach muscles. If you keep your back arched, and abs tight, the muscle gains in your abs is profound. This means that you will have muscle bulge there. Notice power-lifters always have ab bulge.

    This makes your core very strong, which is what squats are known for, but it also means any belly fat will be pushed out even further. Mehdi talks about posture on his site and claims that improving your posture by getting your hips to sit level will help.

    Personally, I like a woman with a little bit of a belly! :) So I don't think it is all bad.