Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 18, Final Workout

So yesterday at 8am I hit the gym. I had a long day ahead of me with several events scheduled through the day.

Work softball game.
Family birthday party.
Church seminar.

So I had to get my workout in early. First, squats of course at 220 lbs. Remember that Thursday I went 5-5-5-5-4. Well, yesterday I completed the 5x5! And I felt like I could have done 225 lbs no problem. After completing it I loaded an additional 50 lbs and did a walk-out.

If you are doing SL 5x5 I recommend the walk-out. After doing your 5x5, load another 50 lbs on the bar and just put it in the squat position on your back, walk back, but don't squat it. This build tendon and ligament strength and I believe it will help you be successful in lifting heavier squats in the future. (And so does Mehdi!)

Overhead press was next, 105 lbs. No surprise, I plateau'd. So down to 3x5 on this lift next time. If I stall again I am going to spring for the fractional weight set Mehdi recommends. I would love to eventually get to 135 lbs on this lift, even if only for a 1x5.

Deadlift. 240 lbs. My previous, all be it premature, plateau. 240 with good form seemed like it was going to be impossible. I just didn't feel I was going to budge that weight. But I keep my back arched, and gave it a try. Nothing.

I then remove my shoes and gave it another go. I completed the 1x5!! Mehdi recommends lifting barefoot or with lifting shoes. The shoes I wear are not air pocketed or anything like that, but the apparently have enough cushion to matter. I think I am going to invest in a pair of these:

I see other lifters wearing them and they make sense. Kind of funny looking but I am not there to win a fashion contest.

So tomorrow I go for 225 lb squats! What an accomplishment that would be with 2 45 lb plates on each side. Also 135 lb bench presses, again an accomplishment with a 45 lb plate on each side. And then 150 lb barbell rows. I am going to watch my form on these closely.

I did my official week 18 weigh-in today. 189.8, with 16.4% body fat. Plus my pants have been fitting well. So it is obvious I am still progressing despite switching back to skim milk. Nutrition is the key!

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