Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week 17 Workout 1

Well, my fears were realized. I stalled on squats and overhead press last night.

On the 215 lb squats, I went 5,0,5,5,5. Just couldn't come back up on that first squat in set two. Not sure what happened. Rest felt okay though it was difficult. I had hoped deloading would have helped me bust through this plateau, but no can do. I think I will be able to complete 215 next attempt, but we'll see.

On the 105 lb overhead press, I went 5,5,1,3,0. I knew I was going to struggle since last time I busted through 105 lbs on this lift I was really doing the push lift. But after the first two sets I thought "wow, I might pull this off." Very next rep took a lot to complete, and then the next rep just wouldn't come. I managed 3 the next set, but didn't even attempt a the final set.

220lb deadlifts went well. I think my form has improved the most on these than any other lift. Now up to 230 next time which is where I maxed out last time.

So Wednesday, 215 lb squats, 125 lb bench press, and 140 lb rows. We'll see.

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