Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 16 Workout #1

With a busy July 4th schedule, I headed to the gym earlier yesterday to get my 5x5 in. Since I had skipped Friday's workout (circumstances beyond my control), I was scheduled for squats (200 lb), bench press (115 lb), and barbell rows (130 lb).

I completed all lifts, 5x5. Of course these are all weights that I was at before, to that is no surprise. I am anxious to see how I do as I approach my previous stall weights on the lifts.

Switched to whole milk for all of my milk drinking/usage. And also started drinking more milk. Trying to see if this will increase my weight gain. Mehdi is insistent that if you aren't taking in enough protein and calories then you won't keep progressing. So I continue to try to take in as much as I can, but there are limits on how much one can eat! I may start taking a log of my consumption to see if that helps.

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