Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 15, Midweek Workout

As I posted yesterday I had to move my 2nd and 3rd workouts this week to a Thursday and Saturday schedule due to my daughter's birthday.

So yesterday afternoon I got Week 15 Workout #2 in. 195 lb squats. I don't remember 195 lbs being this hard before! But since my deload on squats after a stall at 215 lbs, these last two workouts on squats have been difficult. I did have last week off so that doesn't help. Also I was still really sore from Monday's workout. The soreness lasted through my warm-up sets, and my first workout set, then was replaced by a tightness. I still feel the tightness this morning but the soreness is gone. I completed all 5 sets.

95 lb overhead press. Since discovering I was actually doing push presses, this exercise has just become flat out hard. I struggled on the last two sets, especially the last rep of each set, but I was able to complete them. 100 lbs is going to be trying to say the least.

200 lb deadlifts. Again, I don't remember 200 lbs being this difficult before my voluntary deload on this lift. I did go back to the overhand grip as I read on Mehdi's site that I shouldn't be using mixed grip until the loads get heavier. I had been using the mixed grip from the beginning.

Nutritionally I have continued to struggle taking in enough calories and protein. I have upped my usage of protein powder to every morning, and then after workouts, and the mass gainer powder in the evenings of non-workout days. That should help. I still am considering GOMAD, but am more put off by the cost of that than anything else. We'll see.


  1. I'm not drinking quite a gallon of milk a day, but I drink at least 6 glasses (2 cups each) a day. It makes it REALLY easy to get your calorie and protein goals. I'm getting 3200 kcals with no problem. And at least for me, milk is cheap compared to how much other food I would have to buy if I wasn't drinking it.

  2. Good point! What kind are you drinking? Whole? I might start mimicking you on this one.

  3. Well, I went to Walmart to get whole, but all I could find was this "Vitamin D" milk. I'm pretty sure it's whole milk, and they just gave it a healthier sounding name to try to sell more. The calories match whole milk (150 kcals per cup). I saw the same thing at Target where they have this Vitamin D milk in place of whole milk.