Friday, July 1, 2011

Want Your Muscles To Recover Quicker? Drink Orange Juice

Found this article on a study that was done regarding the effects of orange juice on muscles following workouts.

Click here for article: Drink This Juice for Better Energy

Interesting findings. I had cut orange juice out of my diet to try to limit my sugar intake, replacing it with more whole fruits and vegetables. I might have to add a glass a day back into my diet and test this study's findings out.


  1. Interesting. I usually mix a cup of unsweetened OJ with water and protein powder for my post workout shake.

  2. Too bad the study doesn't specify when they drank the orange juice. If they took it pre-workout, it would make sense that they performed better given the carb content of the orange juice and probably several other factors that are less obvious. It'd be interesting to know what the control group drank and if there are other drinks that provide the same benefits.

    If your weights start shooting up though, I'm gonna start pounding down orange juice, hahaha.