Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midweek Workout Week 18

220 lb squats (PR), 130 lb bench press (PR), and 145 lb barbell rows.

After stalling at 215 lbs, and then finally busting through my previous plateau, I was a little concerned. But after my first work set it seemed easier than I thought it would be. It felt good. And I knew that completing all 5 sets would mean 2 45 lb plates on each side next time. That was good motivation!

The second set felt just as good as the first, and so did the third. The fourth set got a little more laborious, but without being in danger ofnot completing a rep, I was confident for my fifth set. The first rep of the last set was hard, the second was even harder, the third required a lot or strain, and the 4th just wouldn't happen.

5-5-5-5-3. So close

Bench press. 130 lb, a new high since I started 5x5. The first set was tough, but then I remembered Mehdi saying to squeeze the bar, and act like you are trying to bend it in half. The second and third sets came rather easily after that. The fourth set, especially the last two reps was tougher.

The fifth set started well, but by the third rep I knew I'd be lucky to complete the set. The 4th rep barely made it. And on the fifth rep I just didn't have it and had to put the bar in the hooks.

5-5-5-5-4. Even closer!

Barbell rows, 145 lbs. Been at this weight before. I completed all 5 sets with the only form problems being on the last rep of the last two sets.

Good news, since dropping whole milk again my weight is down 1.5 lbs and and a .5 to .6% lower body fat. I am happy with that. Glad that I experimented with whole milk but it was just too much.


  1. I've just read your blog in its entirety. Congratulations on your progress thus far!

    This is particularly encouraging for me as I've week 1 of Stronglifts 5x5 down myself, as a result I'll be keeping an eye on your blog from now on.

    I did a good bit of weights myself back around 4 years ago, however it was a split routine, so needless to say I plateaued quite often. However I did do the bench, whereby I got up to 70kg, but I could only lift it once, so I'm confident I'll be able to progress.

  2. Mark, thank you, and best wishes in your SL 5x5 journey. I think you will do great. Try to stick to Mehdi's advice about starting with low weights to work on form. Form is the key on most of these lifts, and sometimes guys with previous lifting experience get tempted to start with higher weights.

    Thanks for the comment and keep me informed on your progress!