Thursday, June 23, 2011

Review time!

Well it has been a while since I gave an update, so here goes.

My last update I gave I mentioned that I had been sick and that it affected my strength. I was just feeling week and struggled with my lifts. Well after taking two workouts off, I felt even weaker getting back into the gym.

The midweek 14 workout didn't go so well. 215 lb squats I went 4,0. Then bench press I went 3,5,5,4,4. Then I completed all 5x5 of 140 lb barbell rows. Just wasn't feeling very good in the gym even though I wasn't sick.

So then last Friday I went 5, on 215 lb squats.  On overhead press I went 4,4,3. Part of the reason for this is that I found out I was cheating on the overhead. I was actually doing push presses. Where you bend at the knees and push up as you lift. True overhead presses are much more difficult. I then completed all 1x5 of the 225 lb deadlifts.

This week I am out of town for business with no access to Olympic weights. So I made a decision that when I get back I am deloading on all the lifts by 10% and really concentrating on form. I was due to deload on 3 of the lifts anyway.

The good news is that I am really anxious to get back into the gym! The hotel I am staying in has a lot of mirrors, and I realize now that I have made a LOT of progress. The definition in my shoulders, back, arms, and quads is incredible. Being thin I never thought I would have this kind of bulk and definition. Granted I am still a long way from where I want to eventually be, it is nice to know how well this program is working.

This week on a business trip has made proper nutrition difficult. I am getting plenty of whole food calories, but not at the intervals that are ideal. I am anxious to get home and to get back into the routine. I have been concentrating on the protein this week though and have really been packing the protein from meat and fish in.

I will post next week about how getting back to the gym after a week off goes.

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