Friday, June 10, 2011

Midweek 13

This week has been a bad one. I have been fighting some type of bug and have had a lot of fatigue as well as some aches and pains. It has also made me feel weak overall. Wednesday it was so bad I didn't even make it to the gym. So I rescheduled my midweek workout for last night, and then I will work out on Saturday as well.

Yesterday I was still feeling the effects, and I stalled on both the 215 lb squats, and the 110 lb overhead press. I went 5,5,5,3 on the squats, and 5,5,5,2 on the overhead press. The good news is that if I were at 3x5 on these lifts I would have been fine. The bad is that this is the 2nd stall on the overhead press. One more and I deload for real this time.

On deadlifts I did the 215 lbs, no problem. As expected. It felt harder than it should have been though and I think it is because of this bug I have been fighting. I might go to just 5 lb increments after hitting 225 next time. We'll see.

Still looking to get some 1.25 lb plates for the overhead and bench presses. No one seems to carry these so I think I'll have to order them.

Nutrition is going great. As I build more and more muscle, the fat I accumulated initially is melting away. My waist is back to being slightly below my normal 34", and I am just liking the way things are fitting much better. I don't think I am taking in enough protein though so I am considering a protein drink every morning to go along with my post workout protein shake, and my non-workout day mass powder.

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