Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Haven't Been This Sore Since Week 1!

Wow. My legs are really sore. I haven't been this sore since week 1. It is kind of surprising considering I only missed 1 week. It just goes to show how quickly your muscles will revert if you don't keep them used to working out. This is why sporadic workouts just do not work.

As Mehdi says, consistency is the key. Stronglifts 5x5 requires a small commitment: 3 hours per week; 1 hour per day 3 times per week. When compared to other strength conditioning programs that is not a lot. But the results speak for themselves.

Take me for instance. If you had told me I could squat 200 lbs I would have scoffed just a few weeks ago. My average to below average strength told me that there was no way. Yet in 12 weeks I was squatting 200 lbs, not once but 25 times (for 5 sets of 5). Barbell rows were tough at 80 lbs at the beginning, but before my 1 week break I did 140lbs! I was able to deadlift 240lbs, something I wouldn't have dreamed of back at the start of this program.

So the strength will come, but consistency is the key.

So despite my soreness, I will work out tonight. Just like I did in week 1 when I took Mehdi's advice and worked out through the soreness. Guess what? It worked, and the next day after working out through the soreness I was no longer sore. That makes me want to get into the gym!

So tonight is 195 lb squats, 90 lbs overhead presses, and 200 lb deadlifts. CONSISTENCY. COMMITMENT. HAVING A PLAN. Those are the keys to success.

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