Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Week 9 Done, Week 10 Started

Okay, first let me say that I made a couple of decisions. First, I went down to 90 lbs on my overhead press after failing to complete 5x5 twice in a row. I went 5-5-5-4-5 at 100 lbs, then I went 5-5-5-4-0. I deloaded down to 90 lbs, and did 5x5 yesterday. (It was the first workout since I deloaded on the overhead.)

Second, after trying 130 lb barbell rows on Saturday (I'll get into that later) I realized that while I completed the 3 sets of 5, my form was terrible. I was really lifting my upper-body to complete the rows. I stopped and decided that I would deload on those, back down to 115 lb, and see if that will get me through the 130 lb barrier on the rows.

A word on motivation. Friday I couldn't workout. I had a wedding rehearsal for a wedding I was in about an hour from home (and my gym). Right after work. So I couldn't workout on my usual Friday. I got up early Saturday to be at the gym and get my final week 9 workout in prior to the wedding. There was temptation to skip entirely but I fought it.

Then last night I was really hungry (I missed my 4pm sweet potato feeding) so I went home to eat dinner first. Because it was a long weekend I was extra tired last night. I laid down for a few minutes and that almost prevented me from doing my week 10 first exercise. However, I was able to get my butt up and get into the gym for Week 10's first workout. I did 170 lb squats, 90 lb overhead presses, and 220 lb deadlifts, completing all of the requisite sets (5x5 on first 2, 1x5 on deadlifts).

As far as the nutrition goes, that has been a struggle. I just haven't been as hungry recently. I think this might be the first week I actually go down in weight, Week 8 I was at 180 lb, I think at most I will stay the same weight for week 10s weigh in.

Also, the deadlifts are becoming tough. I am at 220 lbs, I was hoping to hit 300 lbs without stalling/deloading, but we'll have to see how that goes.

Also I am worried about 115 lb bench presses. At 110 I began to struggle to complete the last couple of sets. We'll see how it goes.

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