Friday, May 27, 2011

Follow Up To My Last Post

Ever notice how some days you feel stronger than others? I was talking to a buddy of mine that works out and he was commenting on that topic. He works out with a couple of other guys I know, and we were comparing notes.

"Ever notice how some days you can lift so much more than others?" I wasn't doing much in the way of weight yet so I listened eagerly. "It seems that some days I can lift weight for reps I didn't think was possible, but other days I can't lift lesser weight."

Of course, now I've noticed this. Take the deadlifts I failed on. When I did the 1x5 at 230lbs, I felt as if I had room for more weight. Yet the other night I couldn't budge 240lbs.

I think this is where the wisdom of Mehdi comes in. When you fail to complete a 5x5 set, he has you remain at that weight for the next time you do the same lift. I've seen this with my squats. Stalling at various weights one time, and then completing the same weight the next time without any problem! And then going up in weight the next time without stalling.

I was talking to another buddy, one that came and worked out with me early on in my Strong Lifts program. I was telling him how I was up to 185 lbs squats, weight I never, ever would have thought I could have done 5 sets of 5 at. I told him I remember hitting 75 lb and getting worried about heavier weights. "So have you done 75 lbs since to see how it is?" I told him that my first warm-up set of 5 is now at 95 lbs, and it feel like the bar is empty.

This makes me believe even more in Mehdi's program. Adding the 5 lbs each time really stretches you. Makes you stronger, not necessarily bigger. And that is fine with me.

190 lbs squats tonight. 120 lb bench presses. 125 lb barbell rows. Can't wait to hit the gym tonight!

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