Thursday, May 26, 2011

Failed On Deadlifts

Well, it was bound to happen. After stalling at least once on every lift, last night it happened on my deadlifts.

Friday I did 1x5 deadlifts at 230lb. While tough I was able to muscle through it without ever a threat of not completing the 1x5. However, last night was I was unable to complete even one rep at 240lb. I deloaded to 230lb and could only do 2 reps.


I have a theory though. We have a Sleep number bed. For some reason the thing doesn't seem to always maintain the number you have it set to. The last few days I've had some lower back pain. Well last night I checked and in fact the bed had deflated down to 5 (maybe lower as that is as low as the reading goes). I pumped it back up to my normal 30 and woke up this morning with no lower back pain at all!

So I think this lower back pain weakened me. I will try next Monday again at 240 lb, and I think I'll be okay. As long as I keep checking my sleep number.

I completed the 185lb squats and the 100lb overhead presses. I stalled twice on the presses before. So now on to 105lb there.

I got my new mass gain powder last night. I will try a serving of it tonight. Hopefully it will help with the bulking up.

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