Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Week 7....OUCH

Last night I started week 7 off with 135 lb squats, 90 lb bench presses, and 115 lb barbell rows.

The squats. They are starting to get difficult. The last rep on several of the sets I had to really struggle to get the weight up. However, I was really never in any real danger of not finishing.

The bench presses. Still doing alright on these. I can feel it in my arms and chest, but was never in real danger of not completing them.

The barbell rows. Danger! I came close to not completing all 5 sets of 5. It was hard work to complete and my form went to pieces on the last couple of reps of each set. I could feel myself raising up with the bar. I am seriously considering staying at 115 lbs on these until I can do all 25 reps with proper form.

If anyone reads this and has done 5x5, tell me what you think about my last statement.

The calorie and protein intake is still going good. I am finding that a busy schedule makes it more difficult, but I have done relatively well thanks to supplementation. I have weighed in at 178 lbs a couple of days, but need to maintain the 3000-4000 calorie intake daily.

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