Thursday, April 14, 2011

Week 5, Midweek

Last night I did the 2nd workout of week 5. 110 lb squats, 75 lb overhead presses, and 150 lb deadlifts.

The squats are certainly getting more challenging. Again I was never in danger of not finishing the 5x5, but I am definitely taking a 2-3 minute break between sets now. Amazing how little soreness and stiffness I am having now. Most of that is no longer in my quads, but in my gluts and hams. A little in my calves, though I'd love to feel it more there. I hate having chicken legs!

The overhead presses are now the most challenging to complete. Again I am taking about 3 minute rests between sets. But I can really feel it in my shoulder and chest today. I seriously may have to look into 1.25 lb weights in order to keep progressing.

The deadlifts are more challenging. Did 1x5 at 150 lbs without any risk of not completing it. But it is much more of a challenge than in the past. It feels good to pull that much weight, and hopefully the strength gains will make it so that I can continue to progress appropriately. With deadlifts in this program you add 30 lbs every two weeks (10 lbs per deadlift session), so in two weeks I will be at 180 lb.

Nutrition continues to be a battle, but I feel I am winning. I have found that supplementation is a must, though I am consuming as many calories as I can through whole foods. Still I picked up a box of 30g protein bars. They have 280 calories. Also, I am waiting on delivery of the meal replacement powder I ordered. I plan on taking that as a supplement on my off workout days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday). At 14 servings per container that means it will last me a little over 3 weeks.

So things are progressing. I can definitely see changes in my physique. I am up to 175 lbs, about 13.5-14% body fat. But my 34" waist pants are still fitting so that tells me I am doing something right.

Also, I eat a baked potato every day. Usually about 3pm, this gives me some fuel in the tank for my workouts at 4:30-5pm. Yesterday at the gym I was waiting on my post workout protein shake (gym was running 1/2 off special on them), one of the employees who is fit and ripped was standing talking to someone holding a plate. He was asked what he just ate, and he answered "A sweet potato". That made me feel good, I am doing something right!

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