Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 4 Off To A Good Start

Week 4, first exercise of the week (yesterday): 90 lb squats, 65 lb overhead presses, and 130 lb deadlifts.

Two things that I have expressed concern about in the past: being able to do squats as the weight went up, and my form on the squats. Both of these things don't seem to be an issue! Though 90 lbs doesn't seem like a lot to people that do squats regularly, if you had told me I could do those 3 weeks ago I would have been skeptical. However, I powered through them with little issue yesterday.

On my squat form, I have really concentrated on it. Back straight, heels glued to floor, elbows back, shoulder blades and gluts squeezed, chest out. And I am going down much deeper into the squat than ever! I am excited to continue to build my strength through squats.

The overhead presses are concerning me a bit now. Only at 65 lbs, the last couple of sets are starting to be laborious. I think I will be okay to get through these into the 80 lb range, but am concerned about getting into weight above that. I guess I just need to trust the program and hope that my strength will go up with the weights.

On the dead lifts, I continue to concentrate on form. Even at 130 lb now they aren't really straining me too much. I will be interested to see at what point it gets challenging to do 1x5s on those.

Results are still good. I am up over 6 lbs without an effect on how my pant's are fitting in the waist. That is a great sign!

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