Friday, April 1, 2011

Week 3 Nearing An End

This afternoon I will do workout #9, completing my first 3 weeks of Strong Lifts 5x5. This time it will be 85 lb. squats, 65 bench presses, and 85 lb. barbell rows.

Wednesday's workout (#8) was a bit rough. I had my personal training session that came free with the gym membership on Monday. The PT put me through a fairly intense workout, including 200 lb leg presses. We worked on form for squats, dead lifts, and barbell rows at lower weights. But after 30 minutes of being pushed pretty had by her, I went and did my Strong Lifts routine.

Tuesday I was feeling it, especially in my legs. The soreness lasted into Wednesday and made my 80 lb squats more challenging than they otherwise would have been. However, once again Mehdi's advice to workout through soreness paid off. I felt better Thursday than I did Tuesday!

Also, the rewards are really starting to be noticeable. While I was impressed with the definition I was already showing after two weeks, this week I am starting to notice more bulk. My upper arms have more girth than they ever have before. My shoulders are even looking defined and bigger.

And my quads are bigger than they've ever been. Squats are the best exercise there is. I am looking forward to seeing how I do with them moving into higher weights. Another 15 lbs next week will put me at 100 lb squats.

Another thing I was surprised about was that the overhead presses are already getting more challenging. At 60 lbs on Wednesday, the last couple of sets were actually difficult. Again I will trust that program will work and as the weights go up with the overhead press, so will my strength.

Also I got an email from Mehdi. He is writing a squat guide and asked for input. I gave him my input. Look forward to that guide. Last week he emailed out a dead lift guide. That guy is good at this stuff!

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