Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exercise #11, Middle Of Week 4

95lb squats, 70 lb. bench presses, and 90 lb barbell rows.

Squats went alright this time around. Still concentrating on form, and getting at least parallel. Last squat of the last set was a bit of struggle as my muscles were fatigued. However, I powered through it and am anxious to try 100 lbs on Friday.

70 lb bench presses are no problem. I polished off the 5 x 5 of those without too much effort.

90 lbs rows were definitely a challenge. I was never in danger of not finishing the 5 sets of 5, but I could feel it especially in the last two of each set. I really concentrated on my form for the rows, trying to keep that lower back straight, and bringing those elbows out as I pulled the bar up.

Still making good progress. No more weight gain, but I it seems that second day of rest on the weekend is when I really make progress on the muscle building.

I am going to look into a good meal replacement supplement to try to up my caloric intake. I am leaning toward this one right now: Raw Meal

Friday's workout will be interesting, especially the 70 lb overhead presses. Those have been kicking my butt!

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