Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workout Session #5 In The Books

Last night was workout #5 in my Strong Lifts 5x5 program. 65 lb squats, 55 lb bench presses, and 75 lbs barbell rows.

Since the weights are a bit heavier (relatively speaking), I started implementing warm-up sets.

For instance, for my squats I did 2x5s with the bare bar. Then I did 1x5 of 55 lbs. Then went into my 5x5s of 65lb. I will keep those warm-up weights for the next couple of weeks.

A concern has started to creep in. As I was doing the 65 lb squats, I started to wonder if I will be ready for heavier weights (100+ lb) when I get to that point. The 65 lb squats, while not extremely difficult, were more laborious than the previous weights. Maybe I am doubting the system, which is to gradually build strength, but we will see.

Today I am not really sore or tight. I think I am past the worst of that. I have a little bit of hip soreness, but I think that is from upping the reps with the warm-ups, not so much the weight. I think as I get used to the warm-up reps then I will be fine.

On the nutrition front I punched what I ate yesterday into 3300 calories! 180 grams of protein! Let's see if I can keep that up. To build muscle you need fuel. It was hard eating that much, admittedly, but with brown rice it is easy to pack in the calories.

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