Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Workout Session 2

So on to the 2nd workout session. 5 sets of 5 with 50 lbs on squats, 45 lbs on overhead presses, and 90 lbs. on dead lifts.

My legs were still very tight and sore from Monday's workout. I force myself to squat the 50 lbs, and the first squat I don't make it quite as low as I should. I try to correct it on the other 4 squats of the first set. I rest about a minute between sets. \

Finished with squats I walk around a bit to try to keep my thighs loose. I then set-up for my overhead presses. Since I am pressing the bare bar (45 lb) I lay my dead lift plates out on the ground to prop the bar up. The overhead presses go fine, though I think I need to work on my form a bit.

I then move on to the dead lifts. Those are just one set of 5. I complete them then head home to drink my protein after workout drink.

Legs and thighs are still tight and sore. I am hoping it starts easing up. Also, the diet is going great.

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