Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Start Of Week 2

So I started week 2. Day #4. 5x5 of 60 lb squats and 50 lb. overhead presses, and 1x5 of 100 lb deadlifts.

The squats are getting more difficult, but I am over the soreness and tightness now. I am starting to see good definition in my thighs. Calves seem a little more defined. I messed up and didn't take starting measurements so I will have to continue to do a visual, subjective assessment.

Overhead presses were no problem. As were the 1 set of 5 100lb deadlifts. I feel a little soreness in my chest today, but I am loving the early results (again subjective). While the mass isn't what I want yet (obviously), I am really pleased with the definition that is already showing. I admit to being a bit skeptical at achieving any results with such low reps and low number of workouts.

I did the free assessment that came with my gym membership. I have a printout out of results. While I did average on some of the assessments, overall I did poorly. I will have it done again in a few months after doing SL 5x5 and see if the numbers improve.

I can't wait until Wednesday's workout!

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