Thursday, March 17, 2011

Form. Form. Did I Mention Form?

So after two workouts, as I mentioned in the last post, I am worried about my form. Prior to Strong Lifts I had never done squats or dead lifts. In fact, I had rarely ever worked out with barbell free weights. (I had always bought into the line that free weights were dangerous, could cause muscle strains, etc.)

So the more I think about the program (and I do look so forward to my next iteration!) I get concerned about my form. If anyone else is considering the program, and you've never done some or all of these exercises in the program, go to / and check out the Must-Read Guides on left side of the screen.

When I watch these videos I try to take note of the feet position, shape of the back, hands on the bar (placement, grip), things like that. In the gym I try to conjure up those images and see if they match what I am doing. Mehdi over at writes quite extensively on the importance of good form.

Luckily the gym I joined includes one session with a personal trainer. I have already discussed that I want that session to be about form on these 5 exercises. Until then I will continue to study Mehdi's guides and work on my form while the weights are low.

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